Everything about Diamond North Apartments is convenient. It’s 15 minutes from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, Town Center, Downtown Norfolk, the Peninsula and Chesapeake. It offers easy access to Hampton Roads and is less than five minutes away from Little Creek.  Shopping, dining and entertainment are right around the corner.

01 - Lake Smith Natural Area

Great place to take the dog for a walk or put a boat in the water.

02 - Tidewater Arboretum

What is an arboretum? Great question. You should probably go find out.

03 - Chick's Beach

Sand, waves, sun. Everything you'd want out of a beach.

04 - Columbus Theater

Now You See Me 2 is out now. Why? Who knows but you can check it out here.

05 - Top Golf

Nothing feels better than going out and hitting a few balls at the range. NOTHING!

06 - Sandler Center

I saw Celtic Thunder here. It was enchanting.

08 - Sushi Mama

If you love AMAZING sushi, this place is your go-to.

09 - Jessy's Taqueira

Mexican food so good and authentic, you won't believe it.

10 - Razzo's

Fine Italian food, casual atmosphere. Sounds perfect, right?

11 - Shipwreck Sally's

Can't beat a good breakfast spot. Crabcake Eggs Benedict.

12 - Surf Rider North

The locals dig it. So should you.

13 - Simple Eats

Farm to table freshness. Get a breakfast burrito.

14 - Farm Fresh

Started by Mr. and Mrs. Fresh in the 1922, Farm Fresh super markets have been a community staple for generations. Also, it's super convenient.

15 - Fresh Market

Very similar to Farm Fresh but without the history. Also very convenient.

16 - Target

You can get just about anything in this high-end French big box store.

17 - Nordstrom Rack

All of the great brands that Nordstrom carries, marked down!

18 - Sears

Top quality products at reasonable prices.

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